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James Haworth known professionaly as 'realjamesh' is a the founder of JEM Media. From a YouTube channel with a few subscribers to a verified channel with over 500 subscribers¹ James has come a long way.

NEWS - Updated September 2020

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NEWSANYWAY - 'YouTuber realjamesh view bots Donald Trump 100 million views on Triller'

The Daily Chronicle - 'realjamesh bots Donald Trump 100 million views on new app Triller'

Digital - 'Sensational Young Music Artist and Founder, realjamesh Growing in Popularity since Release of Hit Track, ‘Blue Check'

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The rest of the FAQ is continued below the physical news copies.

James Haworth (realjamesh) in the 8 July 2019 Financial Times - See unedited version on the internet archive.

Press Releases

By JEM Media posted August 22, 2020 ❌ Not Verified

We make press releases for major events regarding realjamesh. Please download or view them below.

Press Release - View Bot [DOWNLOAD]

Press Release - Blue Check [DOWNLOAD] [OLD]

You can also view the results for Blue Check. [OLD]

Image licensing?

By James Haworth posted June 28, 2020 ☑️ Verified Post

With regard to protecting my image rights song of the Images you see of me on the web are licensed under the creative commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International license. External Link

That means you can use some of my images and work on other sites and socials but must not use them commercaly or attempt to sell them. You must also not change the license in any way.

To check an images copyright status please get in contact, view the contact section below.

An official page containing a variety of Images related to me can be found at realjamesh/images

Wiki content?

By James Haworth posted August 2, 2020 ☑️ Verified Post

Do you want to make a Wiki type page related to me? Great! But please understand that any text on this page or on most Wiki's, including Wikipedia and Fandom must follow the following lisence: Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0) This means you can share, change and build on the material and even commercialize any material you use.

For the full legal code please go here.

I will try and add to the list of wikis below when people notify me they exist.

TV Time Guide - realjamesh (James Haworth)

Everipedia - realjamesh

Everbodywiki - James Haworth

WikiAlpha - realjamesh

Structured data?

By James Haworth posted August 2, 2020 ☑️ Verified Post

You can find a variety of various structured data on me around the web. Some notable examples include these sources:

Search me on GoogleWikitubia realjamesh • BBC News / Artist PageMusicbrainz (b25e468e-cac1-41d4-9326-f423854ca4ba) • IMDb (nm11367856) • TV TG 16074 • realjamesh - Genius - 0000 0004 8377 9979 ISNI (International Standard Name Identifier)

JEM Media?

By JEM Media posted June 28, 2020  (edited July 19, 2020) ☑️ Verified Post

JEM Media makes websites such as this and manages general online presance for realjamesh. Their website can be found at

Contacting James?

By JEM Media posted June 28, 2020 - Updated 25 September 2020 ☑️ Verified Post

James recieves a lot of Direct Messages via Instagram and other socials so for business or general enquiries please email me at

If you do not get a response please contact JEM Media on

realjamesh on the front cover of BLING - See unedited version on the internet archive.